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Autumn Equinox

Happy Official First Day of Autumn! I’ve been rocking my tights since the first of the month but in terms of actual seasons and specifically the Wiccan calendar, we’re finally here, on the doorstop of the best time of the year.

As I’m new to this Wiccan malarkey I am still getting my tiny brain around all the significant holidays but it’s really nice to take a moment to appreciate where we are in the year. I think all this reading about Wicca is really helping me live in the moment, something I often find myself failing to do.

For the uninitiated (including me), I found this little snippet about the Autumn Equinox:

“Mabon is the time of the autumn equinox, and the harvest is winding down. The fields are nearly bare, because the crops have been stored for the coming winter. Mabon is a time when we take a few moments to honor the changing seasons, and celebrate the second harvest. On or around September 21 (or June 21 in the Southern Hemisphere), for many people who follow Pagan and Wiccan traditions, it is a time of giving thanks for the things we have, whether it is abundant crops or other blessings.”

That sounds so lovely and simple, doesn’t it? I must admit that although I do love to feel the wind in my hair, I’m not always the most outdoorsy girl. I love a good wander around the woods as much as the next person but I’m also a natural homebody so being at one with nature is going to take some effort. In the nicest possible way. Genuinely, I do need a kick up the bum to get out there and smell the roses and I’m quite looking forward to it. And I’ll be coming to a pumpkin patch near you soon, that’s a promise.

Now there are many ways in which to celebrate Mabon but since I’m a total novice I haven’t planned any fancy rituals. In my small way however I will have my mind on the changing season, and I will honour it as follows:

  • By taking some time – this will just be me wafting around in piles of crunchy leaves giving pure thanks to Mother Earth for the beauty of Autumn. The colours, the smells and the feeling of the crisp air on my cheeks – there is nothing better
  • Celebrating home – as above, to me there is nothing better than my safe dwelling and this Autumn I will be making sure it is extra cosy and warm. I’ll be burning candles for protection and for opening the mind to an abundance of creativity because this is the best time for it
  • Counting my blessings – this is one of the easiest things to take for granted but I’m slowly getting into the swing of taking a moment to give thanks for all the amazing things I have
  • Sprucing up my altar – the only real nature nod I have on my altar so far is a big fat conker from the park so I’m going to start collecting some friends for her while I’m out and about. Adding small pieces to this space has been one of the most joyous parts of this journey so far and I love seeing it all come together
  • Honour the darkness – as the nights draw in, rather than moan about it I’m going to respect the night. Without it there would be no light after all and although it can be a scary place to find yourself, we need it

I found my inspiration for this post from this article.

So that’s me and my first Autumn equinox as a Wicca. The next significant date on the calendar is of course the big one – Halloween – and you can bet your arse I’ll have a few things up my sleeve for that.

Enjoy your Autumn, babies! 🍁🍂🍃


One of the teachings of witch school is to find everyday rituals that strengthen the mind, body and soul. There are many suggestions but the bottom line is there are no solid rules. One of the reasons I’m falling in love with Wicca is that it all seems to be open to your own interpretation. You find what works for you and run with it, there are no wrong answers, as long as you’re abiding by the basics: e.g. intent is everything and the things you do will come back on you threefold, good or bad.

I know I’m just doing a basic course but I’m committed to the whole shebang, the real learning starts here and now – and I’m really doing it. I might do the next course up and continue with the interesting diplomas but the work (and the proof) is in the pudding.

Today’s post, however, is brought to you by the letter ‘G’ – for gratitude. One of the practices suggested to strength your spirit is the gratitude journal. This sounds easy enough, just slap down all the things you’re thankful for and go. But I actually think it requires more thinking than that. Life moves really fast and we take so much of it for granted – I think the purpose of this exercise is to slow us down a bit, make us really see all the things we have.

I thought I’d start today with a cheeky bit of the good stuff. I’ve broken it down into three sections.

Today I am thankful for:

10 things big or small

  1. My husband and a hot cup of tea waiting for me every morning except weekends, when it’s my turn
  2. This morning’s walk to work – the perfect Autumn morning: crisp, bright, delicious
  3. Dogs
  4. Taking the perfect selfie because Fall light is so much more flattering to an Autumn girl
  5. My colouring app
  6. My altar – I’m only just building it up and making it mine but it is so pretty and I can’t stop stroking it when I walk past
  7. The gerbils – so damn cute!
  8. My gravity defying butt – I walked past my reflection in an office window this morning and BOOM! It’s a lot but it’s mine
  9. Being cosy – it’s blanket season, yo!
  10. Starting a new book – I haven’t decided what to read next but it’s exciting all the same

People I’m thankful for

  • Glynn is genuinely the best person I’ve ever met – a total dufus but kind, thoughtful and almost unswervingly patient
  • My mother – it doesn’t matter where we are, I always feel as though we are in tune somehow
  • My friend Helen – she just gets it and me – and I never feel I have to play my moods down for her
  • Matt – horror movie buds are rare and precious
  • Jillian – you know it, giiiiirl. I’m so blessed to have you and I’m grateful every day that this blog has brought us together
  • You! If you read this and take the time to comment or like my posts, then I’m thankful for you

The Best Part of my Day

The best part of my day is always taking my clothes off and getting into bed. That moment of just about falling asleep is gorgeous, especially with the window open a smidge and a cool breeze gently tickling my naked behind. Being nude is the best. Oh, and having Glynn’s hand on me.

So know I want to know – what are you grateful for today?

Altar Ego

One of the four pillars of Witchcraft is To Keep Silent. This means that just because we know things, we don’t have to go on about them. As I learn more about the Wiccan religion and let its magic into my life, I need to learn that silence is golden. Which is really hard! I’m an open book trying to be more honest with myself and others – and my natural inclination is share.

However, one of the things I’m starting to work out is that there is no right way to be a modern witch. What works for one may not work for another – and if I choose to be open about my journey, where’s the harm? It’s not like I’m giving away sacred and ancient secrets. I won’t go into detail. But sharing this adventure is part of the fun. I’m excited in ways I haven’t been for a long time and I want to talk about it.

This week I took two days off to get ahead on my diploma. Obviously I wasted the first day off watching back to back episodes of Glee and going out for lunch, but on Tuesday I knuckled down and got two of ten modules submitted to my invisible tutor. Module 3 is about the tools of the trade – first stop stocking up your altar.

This sent me down a YouTube rabbit hole. What do they mean by altar? Am I expected to build one out of just MDF and a PMA? It turns out – according to my favourite new Wiccan YouTuber – that an altar can be anything you want it to be. It’s just a safe space in which to pray, ruminate, cast spells, keep it real and keep your tools. It’s open to interpretation and that’s beautiful, I think.

I chose an old wooden chest my mum gave me when I was a teenager. It’s lovely (and dusty) and now it’s just waiting for the perfect spot for its rebirth as my altar. When I opened it it was full of old birthday cards, love notes from Glynn and my once-prized signed photo of Tim Burton. I can already imagine it bathed in candle light, offering sanctuary after a particularly hard day.

I am enjoying everything I’d reading and learning about Wicca but I’m fully aware that anything I really glean from it will come from within. I can read about the history and theory behind it until the cows come home but if I don’t believe in it and can’t hone it, it means nothing. This makes me even more enthusiastic about the future.

What have you been up to?

Study Buddy

I’ve started my Wicca diploma and let me tell you, I am not a natural academic. I find studying super hard, not least because it is so easy to get distracted.

I often thank my lucky stars I grew up and went to school when I did. Had I had to contend with my phone and the pressures of social media, I’d never have got the handful of GCSEs that I did. Even then it was hard enough, I’m not a good exam taker and my ability to retain information has never been brilliant. That’s only gotten worse over the years.

And yet, this is why I want to do the course in the first place. In addition to learning to be a good, strong witch obviously. It’s about challenging myself. I think I’ve worked hard to believe myself that not all intellect can be measured by a piece of paper. Some of the brightest and most interesting people I know didn’t go to uni and that includes me. I might not be the sharpest tool but I know I have emotional intelligence and that counts in life. Sometimes more than anything.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to achieve academic things though and this online course might not even class as academia itself – but it matters to me.

So here I am. Even the first section of this diploma has not been easy. I’ve read it over several times and have still had to dip back in to answer the questions in my first assessment. I don’t want to do it by halves and it’s okay that it doesn’t come naturally or easily. Nothing worth having ever really does.

I think I’ll be okay once I set aside some proper study time. Plus, cute stationery. I’ve already got a witchy notebook and some nice pens, and the note-taking is coming along swimmingly. That’s the main thing, right? I’ll keep it up because it is very interesting and something I’ve always wanted to learn more about.

I’ll be my own best study buddy, you’ll see. I got this.

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

Academics, what’s your creative/study process?

Mid-Year Resolutions

I actually didn’t make any concrete resolutions for 2019. Not as the bells rang it in anyway. Later I would vow to stop shopping and the less said about that the better*.

But we’re six months into the year (SIX MONTHS WHAT THE FUCK) and I thought I’d revisit the concept of resolutions and change, and maybe set down some small goals for the rest of the year. Also, I saw someone else had done this on their blog and it sounded like a good idea.

So. A few things I’m going to focus my (un)pretty little head on for the rest of 2019.


Damn, I need to hang up my clothes. I have so many lovely things and I end up wearing the same outfits all the time because they’re buried deep in the corner of my room. Not only should I be looking after my clothes so they stay nice, I should be letting each piece enjoy their moment in the sun. Who am I to deny any of them?

I’ve actually got a day off today – and I know I should pause Bridesmaids for the 41st time, and go and do this immediately – yet, I’m not going to. I’ll take care of it at the weekend, that’s only a day away. Sorry dresses.


A long long time ago, when I was backpacking around Australia and in love with a pretty but terrible Aussie dude, I was obsessed with keeping a diary. I had diaries when I was a kid/tween, obviously but traveling actually gave me something to talk about finally and so did the hot, sweaty sex I was having with Philip (with one ‘l’).

I think I might start one up again, not to record all the sex I have (or don’t, I’m married) but to record moods and important feelings. It’s old school and I like the idea of pretty blank pages paving the way for a torrent of truth. Then again, what is this blog then, if not a journal for my true feelings? Well, I don’t think I have to tell you that although I am candid here, I don’t talk about everything. I mean, I share my anxiety all the time but I leave the depression and the really destructive thoughts out of it. They need an outlet too.


I really need to stop dropping my hard-earned shrapnel on buses when home to work (or work back home) is only a 20 minute stroll. I’m a lazy toad and I’ve been better lately but I need to follow this goal through.

With fully charged Bluetooth headphones and a library of untouched podcast episodes, there is literally no excuse not to be moving. I feel so much better when I do it – fresh air, a bit of exercise, good graffiti on the way – it’s a no-brainer.


As with the clothing situation, I also want to start being more houseproud. I can be a little slovenly sometimes (ALL THE TIME). Alas – and also yey! – I married a man at the exact same level of fastidiousness as me. This means we’re slobs together and there’s nobody really to motivate the other to do better. Sometimes, this is sheer, messy heaven but there always comes a tipping point eventually. I’m here now.

Eventually, we want to buy a place and I would like to do that as a forty-something woman who has a home ready so anyone can drop by, unannounced. I mean, not literally, that’s totally unacceptable – but in theory. How hard can it be to stay on top of things? I might also start buying plants. FUCKING HELL.


After I shared this post on social media, one of my best friends in the whole world sent me the loveliest message about how he too has been practicing and finding comfort in witchcraft. Which made me feel really good and solidified all the reasons I want to explore this in the first place. How lucky am I to be surrounded by people who instinctively get me?

So I’m definitely going to set aside time to study properly and really focus on what this practice can bring me. I’m really excited about it.

How are your resolutions going? And, if you didn’t make any – how’s your 2019 so far?

*I actually haven’t been THAT bad, I’ll do a new update shortly. Update #1 is here.

Witches Brew

I’ve recently signed up to do a diploma course in Wiccan Magic. It’s something I’ve really wanted to explore for a while so when the course popped up on my radar, I decided to go for it. This probably sounds trite but every so often I get the idea that I need more, without really knowing what that means. I could be mistaken but this feels right to me. When I told my mother she agreed it sounded like something I need right now.

I’m only at the beginning of this journey so my understanding of Wicca is still mostly based on what I’ve read in books and The Craft – and I know we’re supposed to wear black on Wednesdays, which is fine by me. Most of what I know has negative (yet badass) connotations and I’m sure once I start getting to the crux of it, it won’t be like that at all. What I am expecting is to learn more about what it all means and personalising it to fit me.

In the bits and pieces I’ve read about Wicca, there’s mention again and again about intent – and about tapping into the power within. I think this means that I have the power to make certain rituals and spells work for me, if I truly believe in them. Wicca typically worships two deities, the Goddess and the God – and promotes a very harmonious and balanced way of life. It’s a practice that helps you appreciate the energy of the earth and the energy of the divine. No, I’m not sure if I can elaborate on that yet but ask me in a few weeks.

I’m really excited about what I’m about to learn and who knows where it will take me?

I’m going to keep the blog up to date on how I go and have added a Wicca category to populate in the future. I’d really like to record my progress for posterity and keep a record of how this evolves. What excites me most is the thought of making my own shrine, a space where I can be at one with myself, practice rituals and attune to the God and Goddess.

There’s also a section on the original Book of Shadows and I believe we’ll be putting one of our own together – as well as choosing our own personal talismans. I like the idea of having something tangible to ground me and the rest, well we’ll see how it all comes together. I won’t start dressing like Stevie Nicks yet but it’s only a matter of time.

What are you up to?