Weekly Digest: Five Articles

I thought I’d share a couple of articles I’ve been reading lately. Exploring the internet is one of the only things that gets me through my working day if I’m honest – that and my lovely work friends – and these are the ones that have caught my attention this week. Yes, Weekly Digest is… Read More

Big Screen Girl Gang 

I stole this idea from last month’s Cosmopolitan, not going to lie. It was lying around in the gym last night and I take my inspiration where I can get it. Cosmo’s version has more of a single girl flavour though, choosing to celebrate the solo babes of cinema in line with the release of… Read More

Day 27: You’re So Cool

My brother and sister-in-law gave us a light box for Christmas, and it’s already my favourite thing. Motivational quotes for days (when I can think of them!). This one of course goes out to you, dear reader. You’re so cool. Ps. I haven’t left the flat for three whole days and I’m okay with it.… Read More