Project Miranda

I’m trying to sort my life out. Nothing drastic, just deciding what I want from this world and looking at ways to get it. I’m not unhappy; I just have a way to go creatively.

For a while I’ve been chatting about trying to go freelance. Not full-time but finding a way to get paid for things I write outside of my day job. It’s been a small dream for a long time and I’ve never got off my bum to do it. When I mentioned it to Helen she agreed to be my mentor (and task master) because she’s fantastic at organisation – and motivation.

So we’ve agreed to approach this pragmatically, setting achievable goals every week. I’m to tackle them weekly and then present them to Helen (AKA Mum) on Fridays – and if I haven’t done something, she’s allowed to go in hard on my procrastinating arse. Which sounds like a fair arrangement? We have a safe word, just in case it all gets too much. It’s “Miranda”. As in Miranda Priestly of The Devil Wears Prada, the ultimate ball-breaking boss bitch.

This week I think I’ve got this – my tasks are already half done and I’ll be sitting down to finish this evening. My tasks are:


  • Set up a portfolio website
  • Find five potential websites to submit work to
  • Select five posts I’m proud of


As a bonus, I set myself an additional goal – to write a pros and cons list for staying at my current job. That’s been eye-opening to say the least… but I won’t share it, I don’t really like talking about work in this space.

However, the rest of it is fair game. I thought chatting about it publicly would keep me accountable and spur me on. I have nothing to lose and even if I do, at least I’ve finally tried.

Watch this space!