Project Miranda

I’m trying to sort my life out. Nothing drastic, just deciding what I want from this world and looking at ways to get it. I’m not unhappy; I just have a way to go creatively.

For a while I’ve been chatting about trying to go freelance. Not full-time but finding a way to get paid for things I write outside of my day job. It’s been a small dream for a long time and I’ve never got off my bum to do it. When I mentioned it to Helen she agreed to be my mentor (and task master) because she’s fantastic at organisation – and motivation.

So we’ve agreed to approach this pragmatically, setting achievable goals every week. I’m to tackle them weekly and then present them to Helen (AKA Mum) on Fridays – and if I haven’t done something, she’s allowed to go in hard on my procrastinating arse. Which sounds like a fair arrangement? We have a safe word, just in case it all gets too much. It’s “Miranda”. As in Miranda Priestly of The Devil Wears Prada, the ultimate ball-breaking boss bitch.

This week I think I’ve got this – my tasks are already half done and I’ll be sitting down to finish this evening. My tasks are:


  • Set up a portfolio website
  • Find five potential websites to submit work to
  • Select five posts I’m proud of


As a bonus, I set myself an additional goal – to write a pros and cons list for staying at my current job. That’s been eye-opening to say the least… but I won’t share it, I don’t really like talking about work in this space.

However, the rest of it is fair game. I thought chatting about it publicly would keep me accountable and spur me on. I have nothing to lose and even if I do, at least I’ve finally tried.

Watch this space!


Paranoid Android

A quickie! I’m having a creative slump AGAIN so can’t be arsed to get into regular posting at the moment, even though I’ve got shed loads of reviews piling up.

I’ll get to them at the weekend I guess.

It’s just sometimes life is hard and I feel tired and slightly depressed. Not enough not to function but enough to know I’m not myself. I’m also doubting myself a lot and I hate this feeling the most.

There’s a lot to look forward to this weekend though, I’ve got a London trip with eleven girls to look forward to on Friday. It’s not my usual scene a group that big but I enjoy every one of them, so it’s going to be fun.

Last weekend we went to a Mormon wedding and it was gorgeous, so full of love and generosity. And the groom, my work bestie Josh, asked me to be his witness. Hashtag blessed to be part of his history, officially.

I’m trying to hold on to all the beauty in my life. I know I’m loved and I’m lucky and I have my health and a roof over my head. What use is there worrying I’m not good enough? I’m good enough to sign a wedding register, I can get through this week. I can get through anything – the rest of this year, Brexit, global warming – this life. I have to keep telling myself that.

I’ll shake it off and be back to normal service soon. Just give me a minute.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Motivated May

I am hereby renaming this coming month Motivated May and vow to post at least three times a week for the month.

I have so many book reviews and half-completed drafts in my folder that I’d love to finally publish – plus, it won’t hurt me to have a think about the posts I write for a while. Film reviews are great and I love doing them with Jill but I have more in me, I swear.

In other news, I’ve started a film blog over at Thursday Night at the Movies where I talk solely about films I’ve seen in the cinema. It’s going pretty well and encouraging me to go to the theater as much as possible and see things I might not normally. Have a glance, if you’re into it.

So, a busy month ahead, which is good because I’m never happier than when I’m watching movies, blogging and podcasting.

See you soon!

Be Bold


That’s it for the Affirmations for a little while. Hope they’ve brought a little cheer to the table!

I couldn’t resist this one, even if we are peeking into 8the New Year now.

Normal service will now resume at A Voluptuous Mind HQ, expect the weekly Film Collab and other gems (hopefully).