Little Voice (Film) Review

This is exactly the sort of movie you want to be snuggling down to on a Sunday afternoon (the time I tend to view all our films). It’s gentle Sunday subject matter with just the right amount of Northern Grit but it has swears in it too so it’s not exactly The Sound of Music (1965),… Read More

Iris (Film) Review

The last film in our Feminist February series, a theme I hope we come back to as it’s been rather eclectic and inspiring, frankly – if a little odd at times. A fine cinematic choice by Jillian to round out the month but also a highly upsetting one. Let’s just say *this guy* cried “Green Mile”… Read More

Filth (Film) Review

Jillian’s choice for our Free For All Fortnight and cor blimey it’s a good ‘un. If you like cocks, swearing, vomit, spit, shagging, cross dressing, cocaine and violence that is. Luckily, I live for that shit! All that really matters here is that I’m not watching If I Stay and being bored to tears so right… Read More