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The Polka King

Jill and I feel we didn’t cover douche-y men enough last week. God knows those middle-aged white boys need as much attention as possible or else they’ll just fade away – and we can’t have that. So here we are in True Story land, learning what we can about the real life Polka King and his nefarious ways. The Polka King (2017) Local Pennsylvania … Read More The Polka King

Obvious Child (Film) Review

The final installment in our Films about How Fucking Hard It Is to be an Adult series and this is a good one to go out on, I feel. It’s pretty topical too when you consider all the Repeal the 8th stuff going on right now (it’s obviously been ongoing). I’ve seen this before a couple of times and wasn’t disappointed when Jill chose … Read More Obvious Child (Film) Review