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Climax (2018) *Minor spoilers* TW: Violence, pregnancy, suicide. Gaspar Noé and I share a complicated relationship. I just love to hate him and all because of the terrible, over-sexed Love (my review of it here). I always feel like he’s done more than just that to warrant this reaction but he really hasn’t. Irreversible (2002) is not a bad film, however brutal and difficult it … Read More Climax

Love (Film) Review

Love: or What the fuck did you expect, Murphy? This week’s pick has a very high opinion of itself which at least makes one of us. It is definitely NSFW, not that you’d be watching French-Belgian art house at your place of work but you know what I mean: lots of private parts and shagging. You have been warned. *Spoilers* Love (2015) IMDB Synopsis … Read More Love (Film) Review