The Firefly (Film) Review

Jill and I settled on Gay July because we’ve always had pretty good success with LGBTQIA films within the collab – and there are some great ones on Netflix at the moment. So let’s kick back with this Colombian love story, shall we? *Spoilers* The Firefly (2013) or La luciérnaga (original title) IMDB Synopsis After… Read More

Love (Film) Review

Love: or What the fuck did you expect, Murphy? This week’s pick has a very high opinion of itself which at least makes one of us. It is definitely NSFW, not that you’d be watching French-Belgian art house at your place of work but you know what I mean: lots of private parts and shagging.… Read More

The Way He Looks (Film) Review

Foreign cinema again but this time with a LGBT vibe, which I think might be the direction our next films will be taking. Netflix has quite a few interesting offerings in this genre so who knows, the world is our oyster! This film is Brazilian with subtitles in Portuguese – Jillian’s pick. *Beware spoilers* The Way… Read More

We Are The Best (Film) Review

We’ve decided to stick to Foreign Cinema for the time being, for no other reason really than because it’s awesome. This week’s pick, by Jillian, is no exception. I mean, it’s a film about an 80’s teen punk band FFS, what more can you want? Incidentally, the most dominant thought I take away from this… Read More

Kolya (Film) Review

Jill’s pick this week and it looks like we’re in foreign cinema territory now. And what a film to start off with! I’m going to launch straight into my review before I show my hand too soon but let’s just say, I think we’re having a successful streak. As always: *Spoilers*! Kolya (1996) Director: Jan Sverák… Read More