Ladies in Black

Adapted from the bestselling novel by Madeleine St John, Ladies in Black is an alluring and tender-hearted comedy drama about the lives of a group of department store employees in 1959 Sydney. Ladies in Black Sydney, 1959. A time of change, and opportunity. *Spoilers* My Review Centering around a Sydney department store in the late… Read More

Handsome Devil

A heartwarming tale of owning who you truly are this week – by way of an Irish boarding school and loads of rugby. Handsome Devil Ned and Conor are forced to share a bedroom at their boarding school. The loner and the star athlete at this rugby-mad school form an unlikely friendship until it’s tested… Read More

Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood

I’ve slept on this review because I just haven’t been sure about what to say. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy this movie experience, quite the opposite. It’s by one of my favourite directors* so there’s a lot to love and I did enjoy it overall, I think it’s just that – there’s a lot… Read More

Valley of the Dolls

This week we hang out with three show-business babes, all with very real issues. I read the book a long, long time ago when I was travelling and was really into the sixties vibe. Since then this movie has been kicking around on my wish list and I can’t believe it’s only now I’m finally… Read More

Two Brilliant TV Shows

I’ve been so good at regularly posting here so I thought I’d keep up momentum and talk about a couple of things I’ve been watching lately. One sexy thriller with two feisty leads, one horribly unsettling interpretation of what could happen to the country if we’re not careful – and both currently available on the… Read More

The Perfection

Ummmmmmmmmm. I have A LOT of thoughts about this movie, though it will be really hard to explain it – because it is one of the weirdest rides I’ve ever been on. I think maybe going into the movie with no idea what you’re in for would be the best way to enjoy it –… Read More

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot

We’re back on our bullshit with a Free-for-all month, which if I’m honest is kind of my favourite theme outside of Halloween. This week we spend 90 minutes (and a bit) with one of the most elegant men in cinematic history. A legendary American war veteran is recruited to hunt a mythical creature. Sam Elliott… Read More

Crooked House

Who doesn’t love a damn good whodunit? I love all the (mostly incorrect) guessing, the red herrings and the final reveal – it’s all so deliciously satisfying. But does this tale suffer for not having a stong central character à la Miss Marple/Hercule Poirot? We’ll see. Crooked House (2017) In Agatha Christie’s most twisted tale,… Read More