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Doing What You Love

There were several times last week when I uttered the defeatist’s favourite words: “I can’t do this”. I cried on a friend over cheesy chips (thanks Beck), stopped sleeping, eating and talking; and made my husband worry. Why? A stupid pointless project at work. For the record, I don’t operate on brains, seek cures for disease or make political decisions that can make or … Read More Doing What You Love


I’m not going to lie, this week has been a little bitch. I never blog about work and I’m not about to start now. Not out of loyalty but because, even though I like my job, I don’t really consider it ‘who I am’. Who am I though really? I like to think I’m just a cool (ish) girl who loves people. And her … Read More Anxiety

Night Terrors

When you want to post but it’s a slow news week. Let’s list all the things that keep me awake at night, rendering me a tired and anxious mess by 7am, shall we? Work stuff, usually something I can’t control/is nothing to do with me Taxes Have I been rude to someone? (Not including the over-enthusiastic girl in the co-op who just annoys me … Read More Night Terrors