Little Voice (Film) Review

This is exactly the sort of movie you want to be snuggling down to on a Sunday afternoon (the time I tend to view all our films). It’s gentle Sunday subject matter with just the right amount of Northern Grit but it has swears in it too so it’s […]

2 Today

Well, technically yesterday (we bought ourselves a day in Feb this year, innit?) but there were way more important things to blog about obviously. Now I have more time to celebrate, I bought myself a Red Velvet cupcake to inhale while I type this. Cake is always the […]

International Women’s Day 2016

Happy #IWD2016! I’ve thought long and hard about how to mark this day and did think about doing a big old post about inspirational female authors, actors and literary characters. Which would be fine but honestly, when I think about true inspiration and influence I realise it’s all around […]

Hellraiser: Bloodline (Film) Review

This month’s mixture of films is so exciting – and avant garde – that we don’t even have a name for it yet. It’s basically a hybrid: Hellraiser movies vs Ewan McGregor movies. Obvious bedfellows, I think you’ll agree. … We’re excited for it, and those who aren’t […]

Music to Cry To

It became apparent during a conversation over the water cooler (kettle) a few weeks back that my colleague Tom has never been moved to tears by a song. I wonder if it’s because men don’t seem to listen to ‘the lyrics’ (or so I gather from the few I’ve […]

Iris (Film) Review

The last film in our Feminist February series, a theme I hope we come back to as it’s been rather eclectic and inspiring, frankly – if a little odd at times. A fine cinematic choice by Jillian to round out the month but also a highly upsetting one. Let’s […]