Life Without Blogs

Your life without a computer: what does it look like? Via The Daily Post (January 27th 2016) My life without a computer would be a lot slower but I’d probably sleep better. I’d watch less films and I wouldn’t know anything new-wise very quickly as I never read a newspaper and seldom watch the news. Wrong or right,… Read More

Bah Bye Writing 101: Day 20 – The Future

Writing 101 – Day 20 (Friday 2nd October 2015) – The future Okay so I skipped out on half the Writing 101 prompts in this series because I’m a bad and lazy person. It did get me writing on the reg though so I can’t say it’s been a waste of time, and it has had… Read More

Writing 101: Day 10 – Update Your Readers

Writing 101 – Day 10 (Friday 18th September 2015) – Update your readers over a cup of coffee I was going to write a long thing about how boring my life is in comparison to my friends’ who all go on dates, have scandals and generally live the dream any which way they fucking like (in… Read More

Writing 101: Day 9 – Reinvent the Letter Format

Writing 101 – Day 9 (Thursday 17th September 2015) – Reinvent the letter format I’m reinventing nothing this morning. But I will do the assignment. Dear Neighbour, I’m sorry you saw me naked. Actually. No. You’re welcome. Love from 1A Heeeeeeee!

Writing 101: Day 8 – In Lieu of Today’s Assignment

I couldn’t be arsed with today’s Writing 101 assignment (something about expanding on comments). I stayed off work because I felt shitty and all I really wanted to do was watch Monsters University and loll about in my pants, wishing there was someone around to douse me in sympathy. So sorry about that. Instead I… Read More

Writing 101: Day 7 – Hook ’em with a Quote

Writing 101 – Day 7 (Tuesday 15th September 2015) – Hook ’em with a quote Today’s assignment is pretty cool. Big fan of the written quote. But what to use and why? That is the question. My first instinct was to use this one: “Comparison is the death of joy.” ~ Mark Twain I like this… Read More

Writing 101: Day 6 – The Space to Write

Writing 101 – Day 6 (Monday 14th September 2015) – The space to write I have terrible writing habits. There’s no cute corner desk with Cath Kidston stationery and a pretty flamingo shaped lamp to cast me in the best possible light, I’m afraid. I write on my lap with my laptop while I’m watching TV,… Read More

Writing 101: Day 5 – Let Social Media Inspire You

Writing 101 – Day 5 (Friday 11th September 2015) – Let social media inspire you  I’m not doing today’s assignment because frankly, I haven’t the time nor the inclination. It’s a bad attitude to have perhaps, but *shrug*. I’ve chosen instead to post a picture of some local graffiti that I love, that I have shared on social… Read More

Writing 101: Day 4 – A Story in a Single Image

Writing 101 – Day 4 (Thursday 10th September 2015) – A story in a single image Don’t tell me what to do, WordPress! Kidding. Obviously WordPress has been given free reign to boss me around as it sees fit for the next four weeks. However, I didn’t like any of the pictures showcased in the assignment… Read More