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Clown and Out

Can we talk about clowns for a second? No, not Trump and his supporters but actual, honest to goodness circus clowns. I mean, what the fucking fuck are the recent sightings all about? After learning about the first US sightings,… Read More ›

38 Going on 8

You might have been chilling beneath a rock over the last week and missed the latest craze sweeping the nation (and world wide) but chances are you’re bang up to date on what the cool kids are up to. It’s… Read More ›

Finally Validated

Imagine if all women were talked about the way Jennifer Aniston was on her wedding day: “Today – on the day nobody thought would ever arrive – someone has finally put Christa out of her misery. After what seems like… Read More ›

Beards & Germs

The hipster has done many things. He* has killed off many well-loved things over the short time he’s been King and as I type this I can’t think of a single relevant example. Tea? Knitting? Scooters, maybe? You know you’ve… Read More ›