New Things

New Job Update

New work is good although I’ve got an awful lot to learn about the print business, that’s for sure! Everybody else has years of experience on me and all I have right now is a willingness to pick it up…. Read More ›

Goof Troop

I love this goofy picture of me, inside the circle of truth. I look so damned happy! Also, on the subject of hooping. This happened: #hoopdreams #hoopthereitis #hoopin

Hoop There It Is

I’ve slowly become obsessed with my hula hoop. After I first purchased her, she spent a considerable time leaning against the wall in our hallway. Ignored for the most part, I was too shy to actually try her out. Luckily,… Read More ›

Running, Man

Running has been a mixed bag. I am now coming to terms with the fact that I am not naturally shooting about like a pocket rocket with the wind in my hair, and that every single step has been challenging…. Read More ›