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The Great Blog Collab 2017: In Review

2017 has been a roller coaster with entirely not enough shark movies to show for it. But you can’t have it all, all of the time and hopefully we can rectify that this year. As with all Blog Collab years there are high times and very, very low times which I’m here to pay homage to. You can access the whole list of 2017 … Read More The Great Blog Collab 2017: In Review

Christmas Inheritance (Film) Review

GAH. Something that the Netflix UK needs to rectify in time for December 2018 is the lack of Hallmark Christmas movies it has to offer. While Jill has suggested so many amazing sounding Festive cheese fests for this month’s theme, I’ve struggled to get most of the titles here. Thankfully – or not – Christmas Inheritance was one of the easier to get my … Read More Christmas Inheritance (Film) Review

Bright (Film) Review

Jill and I thought we’d take a break from Christmas viewing for one week to spend a little time in Fantasy Land with the fairies. Or Elves and Orcs, mainly. This week’s pick had the added bonus of my mother’s input as we watched, since she’s been with us for Christmas. I have to say, her love of shit films echoes mine perfectly, thus … Read More Bright (Film) Review

Red Christmas (Film) Review

Another Christmas horror to mark this very special month. What makes you feel more Christmassy than witnessing horrific deaths at the hand of a disturbed antagonist in a Santa’s hat? Nothing, that’s what. I do have to say I’m a little bit Crimbo/Horror-ed out now but that’s okay because Jill and I are going to skip down the Hallmark path next. So expect lots … Read More Red Christmas (Film) Review

Silent Night, Deadly Night (Film) Review

Kicking off December with a Christmas horror classic (?). This tale is all too real to be honest and I find myself siding with the (hot) antagonist, which is always rather worrying. There’s not much more I need to say by way of introduction, other than – I think the Christmas/Horror hybrid sub-genre is one of my favourites. *Spoilers* Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) … Read More Silent Night, Deadly Night (Film) Review

Burn Burn Burn (Film) Review

Jill’s pick and obviously this prompted rather a lot of daydreaming about going on a road trip together. How fun? The one in this film might be somewhat bittersweet but still, anywhere is good when you’ve got your best girlfriend by your side, right? RIGHT? *Spoilers* Burn Burn Burn (2015) IMDB Synopsis Following the death of their friend, two girls in their late twenties … Read More Burn Burn Burn (Film) Review

Lion (Film) Review

How am I supposed to review a film that has ripped out my heart without so much as a hello and then stomped it coldly into the carpet? This film made me Green Mile sob and it was not a pretty sight, let me assure you. It is also uplifting and pure – and stars one of the most attractive human beings on this … Read More Lion (Film) Review

Final Girl (Film) Review

Week 2 of Films That Remind Us of Each Other and Jill chose this. Which I was kind of excited about – my girl gets me. Men suck and some even more than others. Predatory men for instance, which is all too topical at the moment. That makes this an interesting pick for reasons beyond me being into the Final Girl Trope. But is … Read More Final Girl (Film) Review

Madame Bovary (Film) Review

Jill and I are trying something new this month. Picking films that remind us of each other. Which is harder than you think, even when you feel like you know the other person pretty well, even when you have similar tastes. Ideally I would have found a film that combines our love of sharks and lesbian sex workers but until Mega Shark Vs. Mecha … Read More Madame Bovary (Film) Review

Night of the Living Deb (Film) Review

The last in our Halloween month for another year and I’m feeling blue about that. But there’s not a lot of time for crying when there’s a film review to be done and this week’s pick looks set to be fun if nothing else. Here’s hoping. *Spoilers* Night of the Living Deb (2015) IMDB Synopsis After a girls’ night out, endearingly awkward Deb wakes … Read More Night of the Living Deb (Film) Review

Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (Film) Review

Not much preamble this time around – just a whole lot of paranoia in a super-seventies setting. Hurrah! Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971) IMDB Synopsis A recently institutionalized woman has bizarre experiences after moving into a supposedly haunted country farmhouse and fears she may be losing her sanity once again. My Review Jess (Zohra Lampert) is elated to be out of the institute … Read More Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (Film) Review

A Dark Song (Film) Review

Halloween Month continues with a film that was recommended to me by a Facebook buddy mere hours before Jill suggested it. I love getting recommendations and this one, well – did it live up to the glowing review it received? Read on, my friends and I’ll let you know. *Beware Spoilers* A Dark Song (2016) IMDB Synopsis A determined young woman and a damaged … Read More A Dark Song (Film) Review