Category: Jillian & Christa’s Great Blog Collab 2016

Meet John Doe (Film) Review

Straight into my review today, as I’m in no mood to fuck about. (My idols are dead and my enemies are in power). Jill chose this old school number for our final film in December, part of a mixed up month, if we’re honest. I wouldn’t want it any other […]

Blue Jay (Film) Review

I had a One That Got Away for years. In my more retrospective moments, I would think about what had happened to him, and what life would have been like if we had acted on our desires and gotten it on (We both had partners, alas. Mine was a […]

Sunset Boulevard (Film) Review

Inspired by the pseudo-vintage vibe of our last pick, Jillian and I landed on the idea of another hybrid month. Don’t worry, this isn’t quite as wacky as Ewan McGregor Vs Pinhead month, though that was frankly inspired. No, this is classy. This is old movies vs. Christmas […]

Grand Piano (Film) Review

As is so often the way, Sunday movie time came around this weekend and I wasn’t ready. Jill’s original movie choice wasn’t easily available to me so she had to pick an alternative. I’m kind of glad in a way because I’d never heard of this movie and, […]

Excuse My French (Film) Review

Jill sold this week’s pick to me like this: “There’s an Egyptian movie called Excuse My French that might be good? It’s about a boy moving to a new school in Egypt and being the only Christian there. Don’t worry, it’s a comedy.” Well, first of all, girl […]