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Cool Things on the Internet #1

Welcome to my new series of cool things I have recently found/seen/read on the internet. I don’t suppose we need anymore introduction than that, do we?

Ginger Snaps (Film) Review

I have a new favourite film blogger (and movie buddy); it’s Jillian of The Pink Panther Snipes Again. Jillian reviews films on her blog that could be considered a little bit off the beaten track. It’s not like they are all obscure though, Sabrina Goes to Rome and Sabrina Down Under were quite popular TV movies back in the late nineties, though I had … Read More Ginger Snaps (Film) Review

Things & Inc

An update post if you will, as boy do we have a lot going right now. What, it’s Christmas and everybody is buzzing around like bees on ecstasy? You’re right, my bad. How’re you coping? Here are a few of the things I am thinking about right now. Lena Dunham I’m finally on Not That Kind of Girl and haven’t even passed the Introduction … Read More Things & Inc

It’s Been Emoji-nal

  Last night I dreamt I was the best-selling author of the only Emoji Dictionary. That’s how much of a modern gal I am. On waking, I was dismayed to realise it was in fact all a fantasy knocked up by my subconscious, but honestly, if there isn’t already such a thing, why can’t I be the one to make it come to fruition? … Read More It’s Been Emoji-nal


This week Kim Kardashian West attempted to #breaktheinternet with the release of some rather grand photographs of her butt. Shot by Jean-Paul Goude for Paper magazine, the cover (right) pays homage to her famous derriere. Dig a little deeper (as if you’re not interested) and you will witness Kiki ‘re-imagining’ Goude’s best known image “Caroline Beaumont, New York, 1976“. The Internet seems to still be in … Read More Naked

Stories: the One With the Internet Date

Back in the early noughties, back when I was still fresh, single and somewhat naive, my friends and I found a delightful source of entertainment called Love@Lycos. It was the sister site of the search engine and was solely designed for dating, hooking up and lurve. Set up so you had your own page (sort of like Facebook looked when it first began), … Read More Stories: the One With the Internet Date