We Could Be Heroes #3: Barb Holland (Fictional)

**This love letter contains Stranger Things spoilers** A couple of months back I fell in love, and I fell hard. Sadly, this love was never fully realised as, a) it was for a fictional character and b) the object of my affection was coldly snatched from me before it could develop any further. Still, that’s not going… Read More

Some Kind of Wonderful

About cocking time is all I can say to the news that my main girl is finally getting her own film. I mean Jesus, she’s been kicking about since the 1940’s, around the time the first rumours of a motion picture began (jks). Wonder Woman was, of course quite busy in the late seventies and then…… Read More

We Could Be Heroes #2: Alabama Worley (Fictional)

It’s hard to pick favourites when it comes to film, books and songs. I mean, there are so many amazing works out there, to pick just one as your champion is nigh on impossible. Plus, these things tend to undulate with your moods. I have two* favourite movies that always stick and they have something in… Read More

We Could Be Heroes #1: Daisy Steiner (Fictional)

Just before I moved to Brighton to follow my own path, I fell in love with a television show called Spaced. It was 1999 and I felt like it was written just for me. That it became popular, and then pretty much a cult classic later on didn’t matter, back then I thought it was mine. Specifically,… Read More