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Blogtober 2018 – Round Up

Not my finest Blogtober but it wasn’t a complete disaster by any stretch. I managed 28/31 posts and that’s okay with me. I had two Halloween parties and lots of other October engagements, what’s a gal to do? I do really love writing a post every day though, it really inspires me to think outside the box when it comes to content and the … Read More Blogtober 2018 – Round Up

31 Horrors 2018 – The List

Here are my 31 horrors from October. What a ride. Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986) ~ Terrible effects. The scariest thing about these films is the supposed curse attached to the series Tales of Halloween (2015) ~ Total trash. I love it Pyewacket (2017) ~ Surprisingly effective for a low budget chiller Veronica (2017) ~ Full review here The Sound (2017) – UK … Read More 31 Horrors 2018 – The List

Autumn TV Recommendation: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

I’m four episodes into this show and I’m feeling a lot of things. It’s not perfect by any means. Like Riverdale, it’s taken a story we know and love, and given it a dark modern twist. I guess it’s aimed at a YA audience and that might be why I don’t love it as much as I want to. Yet, anyway. That said I’ve only … Read More Autumn TV Recommendation: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Final Girl Friday: Laurie Strode, Rob Zombie’s Halloween I & II

Lots of horror fans refuse to acknowledge Rob Zombie‘s place in Halloween history. Lots of people are torn about the man himself and honestly, I really get it. Personally, I’m a fan and have loved most of his movies. While Halloween & Halloween II don’t really work the way John Carpenter‘s original did*, they do at least try to explore the story from a … Read More Final Girl Friday: Laurie Strode, Rob Zombie’s Halloween I & II

Autumn TV Recommendation: The Haunting of Hill House

It’s no secret that this girl (me) loves TV. Sue me. I particularly love good television to enjoy during the darker evenings and luckily for me, Netflix has delivered another interesting prospect in the shape of this Gothic beauty. The Haunting of Hill House (2018) IMDB Synopsis Flashing between past and present, a fractured family confronts haunting memories of their old home and the … Read More Autumn TV Recommendation: The Haunting of Hill House

Autumn TV Recommendation: Haunted

Haunted (2018) *Mild spoilers* Netflix has just released this little anthology just in time for Halloween and I’m quite stoked about it. I spent the majority of Sunday bingeing it in my pajamas and although I will concede that it won’t change your life, it does explore some interesting stories. What makes it especially chilling is the fact that these tales aren’t tales at … Read More Autumn TV Recommendation: Haunted

3 Witchy Horrors

None of these are really horror movies and one of them is pretty much a kids movie – but you can always argue that they contain horror themes and that’s enough for me. I bet you all thought I’d choose Hocus Pocus for this list, didn’t you? I totally nearly did but young Michelle Pfeiffer pipped it to the post. I’ve no regrets. The … Read More 3 Witchy Horrors

Scream Queen Girl Gang (Modern Edition)

These are the actresses I’d most like to have a pint and share eyeliner with because they seem cool. And you know, if we ever happened to get into any trouble, then I’d be confident in their ability to help me fight to the death – which is a pretty good quality to pick in a friend. Just saying. Katharine Isabelle Horror CV: Ginger … Read More Scream Queen Girl Gang (Modern Edition)

Autumn TV Recommendation: The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

UGH. I’m completely obsessed with this woman – and now, this show. I woke up early (ish) this morning and have mainlined a handful of episodes in one sitting, while supping tea and being thankful for no work for another day. This is my favourite month hands down and it’s because of little gems like this. The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell (2018) IMDB … Read More Autumn TV Recommendation: The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

American Horror Story Rewatch: Part 2

Just like that, I am done. I can now dip into Apocalypse with a well-rounded understanding of all the characters, and where they cross-over/feature in each season. It’s so Stephen King! I have absolutely loved my AHS marathon (which didn’t include Cult because that one is still so recent). Here are my thoughts: Freak Show Freak Show starts strong but seems to drag in the … Read More American Horror Story Rewatch: Part 2

American Horror Story Rewatch

The last three/four months of the year are always my favourite. From late September to January I love reading ghost stories and watching horror from the comfort of my warm flat. These dark stories, they light up the long nights and I love them even more then. So my treat to myself this year is to revisit American Horror Story from the start (thank … Read More American Horror Story Rewatch

Blogtober 2018 – Coming Soon!

Since we’re about to enter the best month of all, I’m currently planning my #blogtober2018 posts, as well as this year’s 31 Horrors (see 2017’s here). Even though I’ll be in Copenhagen for a small period at the beginning, I’m aiming to watch a horror movie for every day of October, just like last year. I’ve even got a list pre-prepared, check me out! … Read More Blogtober 2018 – Coming Soon!