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31 Horrors 2018 – The List

Here are my 31 horrors from October. What a ride. Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986) ~ Terrible effects. The scariest thing about these films is the supposed curse attached to the series Tales of Halloween (2015) ~ Total trash. I love it Pyewacket (2017) ~ Surprisingly effective […]

Autumn TV Recommendation: Haunted

Haunted (2018) *Mild spoilers* Netflix has just released this little anthology just in time for Halloween and I’m quite stoked about it. I spent the majority of Sunday bingeing it in my pajamas and although I will concede that it won’t change your life, it does explore some […]

3 Witchy Horrors

None of these are really horror movies and one of them is pretty much a kids movie – but you can always argue that they contain horror themes and that’s enough for me. I bet you all thought I’d choose Hocus Pocus for this list, didn’t you? I […]