A seventeen year old girl forms a co-dependent relationship with an artificial intelligence on her phone and goes on a murderous rampage.



My Review

Cassie has recently lost her mum and via the medium of flashback, it seems she might have been driving the car that claimed her life. She spends a fair amount of time at ma’s graveside while her father is largely a) drunk and b) absent. Don’t worry though she has a close-knit group of loyal friends and an adoring boyfriend who tends to her every whim to make up for it.  


Jock boyfriend Liam is a slimy toad hell-bent on banging any girl that moves, while BFF Sarah goes out of her way to blow all of Cassie’s boyfriends (literally), including Liam – and currently has her eyes on the ultimate prize, Cassie’s dad Greg. Other BFF Ruby is something of a non-entity but is also definitely being hit on by Liam. While she doesn’t openly reciprocate, she doesn’t tell him to fuck off either. 

When her friends start talking about a new app called AMEE, a phone service that acts like a pocket friend, Cassie is reluctant. This reluctance turns to something else when she finds an abandoned phone near her mother’s gravestone which asks her if she wants to be friends. She leaves it but later returns to retrieve it and, curious, she sets up her own AMEE. Eerily, Cassie calls hers ‘Mother’ and the app does the rest, replicating her mum Diane’s voice and adopting traditionally maternal personality traits. 

For a while Cassie takes great comfort from Mother and suddenly, doesn’t feel so alone. But it doesn’t take long for everything to go pear-shaped. Liam neglects his girlfriend horribly, usually for ‘leg day’ even though she clearly needs him – and when she spies him leaving Sarah’s house, she has no choice but to serve up some justice. 

Alas, and annoyingly, it’s the women in Sarah’s life that get their comeuppance first. Sarah tells Cassie she’s always hated her (on account of being rich and pretty, I guess) which gets her murdered. Mother in this case goads Cassie to finish her and then guides her in the perfect way to dispose of a body in the woods. An innocent witness also has to be eliminated which is unfortunate but proves our girl is evolving quickly into her new role of cold-blooded killer. 

One by one obstacles present themselves – and Cassie and Mother are forced to address them, usually via violent means. When Dad finds a video Sarah has made, showing Cassie murdering her – he blames her head injury from the car accident and vows (finally!) to get her the help she needs.

It is too late? It’s too late, isn’t it?

My Comments

Uh. This is one of those trashy teen horrors that Netflix churns out on the regs. They’re not great but sometimes they have potential – and this wasn’t horrible. I actually think Debs Howard is pretty good as the wholesome Cassie who turns bad but (sort of) through no fault of her own. I mean, sure some of the responsibility should lie at her feet but what with all the bastard people in her life and an evil operating system taking advantage of her – what’s a girl to do?

I do not buy her as a 17 year old though – she looks and acts like a woman born in 1991 – which is exactly what she is. It’s a minor beef but still. 

All in all, I ain’t mad at you, A.M.I.

Film details:

Starring: Debs Howard, Philip Granger, Bonnie Hay
Director: Rusty Nixon
Year: 2019
IMDB Rating: 4/10
My Rating: 3/5

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