This is Halloween

In all the excitement of my lovely guest posts – thank you girls – I had almost forgotten to take a moment to think about what my favourite holiday means to me. 

Kath has already touched upon the fact that Halloween hasn’t always been the most hands on in the UK. It was a thing but not in the same way as Stateside and as such I can’t remember ever trick or treating. Our family was more of the mind of turning off all the lights and pretending not to be home when the kids came calling, something Glynn and I do now. 

In fact I had never so much as carved a pumpkin until I was living in Vancouver and my BFF David and his family took me under their wing and showed me how. I’ve been a big believer ever since.

We did do a couple of years of taking my step son out along the beautifully decorated streets of Hove when he was younger but his heart was never really in it. He had a habit of saying, loudly: “Oh no, not Haribo AGAIN!” which lead to some very indignant vampire mums and dads. 

I might not have had Halloween in my blood from an early age but I have always loved the wicked and the macabre. I blame John Landis for the Thriller video, which inspired my future tastes from the moment I saw it. From there I fell into creepy things quite quickly but only really started devouring the ‘classics’ when I was about 18 and got my own TV for my birthday. 

From here I really got into the big boys – not just Jason, Freddy and Michael – but George. A Romero, Stephen King, John Carpenter. To say a whole world opened up to me would be an understatement. 

Now horror soothes me like no other. I feel nourished by horror stories and calmed somehow, like all my daily anxieties are distracted by the terror unravelling before my eyes. There’s less likelihood of me fretting about a stupid thing I said in a meeting earlier in the week when there’s a demonic possession going on, you know? 

I have also succumbed to dressing up a bit more, certainly in the last few years. At work I’m on the Rewards & Recognition committee so get to be involved in the party planning. It’s impossible not to get carried away when you’re helping glam up the venue for Halloween. This Friday I’ll be partying as Wednesday Addams and last year I went as Wonder Woman. 

Thinking about my spotty fancy dress history reminds me of my last job, where absolutely nobody cared about Halloween and it annoyed me so much that I went to work dressed as a cat – and was literally the only one in any sort of costume. Which I refused to be embarrassed about, frankly.  

This Halloween, or the weekend before anyway, I’m going to an intimate gathering with friends where we’ll carve pumpkins and get a spooky.

Apart from that we’re not planning much. Glynn and I  have been happily devouring a horror a night for 31 Horrors and we’ll probably finish off with Michael Myers terrorising Haddonfield whilst eating our body weight in sweets. The usual. 

What will you be up to?  

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