Final Girl Friday: Trish, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (1999)

I’ve picked someone a little different for this weeks’ FG purely because she makes my heart swell with pure love. This Final Girl is the heroine of Stephen King’s 35th novel, she’s nine years old and she is also… The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. 

Having spent more time that necessary Googling TG, I would say: the girl ain’t wrong. 

*Minor spoilers*

The Girl 

Trisha McFarland, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (Novel) (1999)

The Situation 

Following the bitter divorce of their parents, Trish and her brother Peter are finding things tough. Pete in particular is constantly bickering with their mother and Trish has had enough. When the trio head for a hike in the woods, they start arguing again and she hangs back in an attempt to drown them out. When she shouts after them that she’s going for a pee in the woods, they don’t hear her, so focused are they on the fight. 

And so begins Trish’s extended forest vacation and fight for survival as she loses her bearings, and has to contend with the God of the Lost, an evil entity watching her from the shadows… 

The Final Girl 

Trish sure goes through some shitty times out there in the forest. Thank God for her imagination (and sense of humour) then as she has visions of her hero – Tom Gordon of the Red Sox – walking alongside her and cheering her on. She also recalls past conversations with her BFF Pepsi to keep up her mood.

As the days begin to pass in a blur and her hope of being rescued seems ever further away, Trish’s already limited supplies dwindle and she starts to understand that she’s not alone in the trees. While our girl finds comfort in the voices coming from her Walkman as she keeps up with Red Sox games and her own rescue reports on the news, she has horrible dreams, gives herself the shits and is eaten half to death by mosquitoes. This isn’t even the worst of it if the wasp faced bastard the God of the Lost is real – but does she give up? Does she fuck.

If this happened to me now I’d be lying face down in the Bog of Eternal Stench before my family was even out of earshot, so massive props to Trish for surviving for over a week. She catches her own fish, deals with an illness while lost and alone – and she keeps on swinging. This is exactly the mettle your Final Girl needs and she has it in spades.

When the time comes to finally confront her demon, Trish doesn’t shy away – she faces it head on – and does what Tom Gordon would do. She finishes.

Trish is our FG of the week ‘cos she’s all these things at nine years old. Imagine her as an adult?

Final Girl Rating 


Full review of The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon coming soon!

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