Inktober 2019

This year for the first time, I decided to take part in Inktober. My friend Silvio suggested it and since I like a doodle as much as the next bored office worker, I thought why not? Well, I’ve learnt a couple of things about myself by Day 17 and I shall wax lyrical about them below.

First up, I have no natural talent (or maybe I have something natural but it isn’t talent per se). I see those illustrators that do the crude yet stylish drawings (looking at you, David Shrigley) and I think: I can do that. Then I realise I really can’t, they may look amateurish but they are still technically good drawings and more than that, they’re executed well. Mine, not so much.

I draw like a child and this leads me to the second thing I’ve learnt – it’s totally okay to really enjoy and love doing things you’re rubbish at. In fact, it’s almost better because then it just is what it is – nobody’s going to take it from you, or try and make you monetize it. There’s no demand for a badly drawn skeleton dressed like Dani in Midsommar after all and that’s grand. It means I’m free.

There’s also been the realisation that although I’m not technically a good artist, I do very much have my own style and that is also pretty cool. People seem to like my little drawings and I’ve loved sharing them.

Here are a handful of my personal faves:

Overgrown, Wild, Dragon and Ornament

For every day of October, you get a one word prompt. Sometimes inspiration strikes immediately, other times I’ve spent a considerable amount of time scratching my head. Usually I come through and am happy with the end result. I have started being harder on myself, revealing a worrying perfectionist streak that might bear exploring at a later date.

But all in all, I’m enjoying myself. And my favourite to date has been this little number:

I Stan a Legend

There are still 11 days left in the month so who knows what will climb out of the recesses of this imagination and onto the page? I’m interested to find out.

How’s your October going?

3 thoughts on “Inktober 2019

  1. Compared to what I would be capable of drawing I think your pieces are excellent. Not only are they instantly recognisable for what they represent, they show a mastery of both the craft of creating the form and of colour/shading. I for one love seeing your inktober creations! Long may your drawings continue!

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