Autumn TV Recommendation: Haunted, Season 2 (2019)

The producers (or distributors) of Haunted really know what’s up with the timing of their releases. Last year Season 1 made my Autumn TV recommendation list just in time for Halloween and this year is no different.

Now there’s some discussion on the web about how real the cases are and honestly, I’ve decided I don’t really care. This show is very much my jam and also one of the few things that can freak me the hell out, especially when I’m making tea in the kitchen, home alone. Seriously.

Sure some of the stories are stronger than others but they’re all interesting in their own right. My standouts this season are the tale of the possessed woman dumped in a nursing home by her family (I’d never do this to you, Ma!) and the college students sharing their home with a demon called The Mimic.

There’s also a genuinely heartbreaking story about a young boy forced into ‘gay recovery’ by his church. That one’s particularly difficult to hear and unbelievable (maybe not) that this practice was still going on in the late 80s (maybe even later than that). I’m just happy he grew up and found happiness in New Orleans as an adult.

I definitely recommend this show if you fancy a quick spook injection. It’s genuinely eery and at times quite upsetting for the families retelling their stories. Which is sad but also… intriguing.

What are you watching?