I Wish I Knew How To Quit Boo – Stephen King Edition

I’ve decided to leave the rest of my year (and then some) open for Stephen King. Books, that is but if the man himself wanted to stop by and take me on a couple of dates I probably wouldn’t say no. Imagine the chat.

Anyway, the UK is a rainy grey place right now so what better environment in which to get cosy with The King? Loose jersey lounge wear, blankets and lashings of horror – it’s the only medicine I need. I’ve made a loose plan to read in tandem with my horror partner Matt but he’s already speeding ahead on our first book so we might have to go our own ways eventually.

Here’s what’s on my reading list:

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon: Halloween Edition

Tricia is lost in the woods. But she’s not alone . . .

‘The world has teeth and it could bite you with them anytime it wanted. Trisha McFarland discovered this when she was nine years old. Lost in the woods.’

Trisha has only veered a little way off the trail. But in her panic to get back to the path, Trisha takes a turning that leads into the tangled undergrowth. Deeper and deeper in the terrifying woods.

This is first on the list mostly because it’s considerably shorter than the others. I’m about 50 pages in and it’s a real page turner. Trisha is nine years old and sick of the arguing between her mum and brother, following her parents’ divorce. On a hiking trip, she takes just a second to have a pee and gets lost. Alas the woods is a big place for a small girl – and it seems she isn’t the only one out there…

TGWLTG is so far wonderfully (horribly) visual and real – and Trisha really feels like a girl her age, albeit a wise one. I like her a lot and I’m looking forward to the rest of her story. Please let her be okay!

Christine: Halloween Edition

Jealousy isn’t a green-eyed monster. She’s a red Plymouth Fury.

Christine, blood-red, fat, and finned, is twenty. Her promise lies all in her past. Greedy and big, she is Arnie’s obsession, a ’58 Plymouth Fury. Broken down but not finished.

There is still power in her – a frightening power that leaks like sump oil, staining and corrupting. A malign power that corrodes the mind and turns ownership into Possession.

‘This is the story of a lover’s triangle…’

Matt got me this last year for my birthday and I’ve been waiting for the best time to crack her open ever since. I love John Carpenter’s 1983 adaptation with the fire of a thousand suns so I know what I’m in for, though I’ve no doubt the book is going to pad it out wonderfully.

I love stories about inanimate objects coming to life and Christine is no exception. Plus, she’s pretty much my namesake, right?

The Stand

First come the days of the plague. Then come the dreams.

One of King’s bulkiest tomes and considered one of his all-time classics, I’m kind of nervous about starting it since I can barely lift it! My reading place of choice is in the bath so maybe I’ll be forced to rethink that.

I have a suspicion my plan to read Stephen King novels for the rest of the year is going to stretch well into 2020 thanks to this bad boy – but if Brex-shit does go ahead this Halloween, maybe a post-apocalyptic fantasy novel will be fitting. Bring it, Uncle Stephen.

Bag of Bones: Halloween Edition

He went to Dark Score Lake to confront his past. Now he might drown in it . . .

When Mike Noonan’s wife dies unexpectedly, the bestselling author suffers from writer’s block. Until he is drawn to his summer home, the beautiful lakeside retreat called Sara Laughs.

Here Mike finds the once familiar town in the tyrannical grip of millionaire Max Devore.

I know very little about this one but the premise sounds great. I’m excited to start digging in and might make this my next one. Like The Stand and Christine, it’s not a tiny book so will take some commitment.

Lucky for me I’m planning on dialing down the social side of things as we roll up to Halloween and beyond, so I have time. Lots of lovely nesting time.

Can we also take a moment to shout out the incredible 2019 Halloween Edition covers? Rose Madder in particular is a beauty. Even though I’ve read it quite recently, I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to display this print on my shelf. Carrie and Misery are both on my birthday/Christmas wish list.

The Bag of Bones and Christine editions were realeased in Halloween 2018 and are just as beautiful. I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings!

What are you reading?

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