A witchy update for you today because I’m (almost) all horror filmed out. I’ve finished my first diploma in basic Wicca (distinction, baby!) and I’ve decided to move on to the advanced course next.

I’m planning to take a few weeks break to do a bit of solo reading and work on my Book of Shadows before I start that though. I want to try out a few basic spells and add a few things to my armoury; I need candles, crystals and an athame (a ceremonial blade used for spells).

Last week my lovely husband drove me around the woodland areas of Brighton so I could collect nature bits for my altar. I was bit of a brat at the first stop because it didn’t look how I’d pictured it in my mind but once we moved on it was fine. I got lots of lovely conkers and learned that there is a surprisingly lack of oak trees in the places I would expect to find them.

Things are coming along nicely on the witch front, slowly but surely. I’m just enjoying getting my head around the history of Wicca and working out how I can make it work for me in an everyday setting. I’m trying to be a good witch from the foundations up, to be mindful of karma and bad energy – which is hard when your arch nemesis at work keeps talking to you in the kitchen and trying to give you advice on how to dye your hair without ruining it (which, admittedly is very useful but still). I guess I am going to have to accept that I can’t love everybody and not everybody can love me – and then let it go. I will not actively seek conflict or drama – even if it is fun to bitch about over a vodka & ginger ale after work.

I feel very much better all-round honestly and I am sure it’s because of the Wicca. It works well in tandem with my anxiety issues and gives me somewhere to concentrate my energy and I swear I can feel a marked difference in my outlook. There are still sad days but they seem more manageable and hopeful – like even just opening yourself up to the possibility of magic is enough to make life seem more beautiful.


I was speaking to my mum about it last night and the core of white witchcraft isn’t that different to her Buddhism. Meditation is a strong grounding tool within both religions – and both are heavily driven by karma – Wicca has the Three-Fold Law, the notion that anything you do, good or bad, will come back on you three-fold. I like the thought that we both have our own ‘thing’ and that our things share similarities – it make me feel more comforted and close to her.

So things are still exciting and they make sense – and I am thoroughly enjoying my journey to becoming the baddest witch I can be.

What have you been up to?

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