I’ve done a ‘Things That Scare Me’ post very recently so we’re covered for the everyday things that strike fear into my heart. Honestly, I meant every last of them.

(Un)luckily for me, soon afterwards I discovered something that eclipses almost everything on that list (not you, Great White Sharks 🦈) and it’s so distressing, I’m not even going to include a picture in this post. I’ll link to it below and you can go look at your own peril.

Anyway, one of the October blog prompts I kept stumbling across was to talk about things that scare you and I thought I’d share my newest (terrifying) discovery.

In and of itself it’s probably not even something that would hurt you. I’m talking about bats but in particular, the endangered megabat which I don’t think is the official species name. It’s really more of a flying fox and oh boy, let me assure you I’d be losing my shit if I ever saw one in the flesh.


Some of the megabats are taller than me (admittedly, not that hard) and they look like actually vampire/bat hybrids, bony elbows and all. Some have a wingspan of over five feet. The first time I saw one (on Twitter), it was just chilling, hanging from someone’s porch minding its own business, the size of a not so small child, arms crossed neatly over his chest.

Again, I don’t think bats have much malice in their hearts, they seem pretty relaxed. The big ones are probably even more full of love. As far as I know (David Attenborough feel free to step in here), they live on a diet of exotic fruits and bark, not middle-aged women. But still, I was not prepared for how big they are and now I’m concerned I’ll meet one one evening on the way home from work. Sure, they seem to be native mainly to Eurasia and Africa but stranger things have happened.

I say all this but now I’ve stared at their pictures a bit more, I think I might be coming round on them. They’re actually pretty sweet.

God I’m fickle.

And I can’t wait for the first killer bat horror movie… (Oops, too late) 🦇🦇🦇

5 thoughts on “Bats About You

  1. There is something about bigger versions of things you find scary that just makes them scarier. I still vividly remember the first time I saw those giant spiders that live in the dessert that chase you to stay in your shadow. End to end they are the average length of a man’s thigh. I mean nope. And did I mention that they CHASE you! Hell no! *shudder*

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      1. Seriously. I’d say google it but I think then you’ll be bothered by spiders and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I know they’re good and they do good things but I just don’t want them anywhere near me so if others don’t mind them I think that’s good for the spider population!

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