Anyone else petrified of everything these days? I’m a grown ass woman who shouldn’t in theory by scared of anything (according to my dentist on account of all the tattoos) but the truth is – I am.

There are a handful of serious things that keep me awake at night, just like anyone but they are circled by a cornucopia of lesser explored fears and sometimes you’ve just got to write a way too honest blog post to get them out of your system.

My fears at the moment in no particular order of scariness:

  • The crumbling of society as we know it due to Brexit (I’m thinking it will look a lot like the opening of 28 Days Later but with a few more people dotted about)

  • The opening of 28 Days Later (and waking up alone in a hospital)

  • Zombie apocalypse because it could happen

  • Home invasion (probably should stop watching HI heavy horror movies)

  • Climate change

  • Paper cuts

  • Paper cuts on my eye balls

  • Birds, literally any bird is the enemy (and the owls are not what they seem)

  • World War III

  • Not living up to my true potential

  • Having to try and live up to my true potential

  • Accidentally Replying All to a serious group of colleagues with the Dancing Ron Swanson gif

  • The painting I had in my bedroom as a child, the one with the eyes that followed you – I know she’s out there somewhere

  • Human statues

  • Dentists (especially sarcastic ones who trivialise your anxiety)

  • Walking to work and forgetting to put on clothes (reoccurring dream, anyone else?)

  • Sharks

  • Everyone finally working out I’m an imposter

  • Imposters

  • Ghosts but particularly mischievous poltergeists

  • Sharks that have adapted to walking on land

  • Falling asleep with my bare feet poking out of the covers

  • Donald Trump

  • Misspelling the world ‘Count’ on anything work related or a text to my mother

  • Mimes

So you see – everything scares me and it might be about time to woman up. Fear is a social construct just like the concept of time and the beauty ideal – and I can kick it in the face if I choose to. And I choose to, just as soon as I get over my fear of not knowing my own strength and finally finding out.

What scares you?

*I wrote this for work and thought I’d share it here too ‘cos it was fun to write.

5 thoughts on “Fear Inc.

  1. What scares me? Mostly spiders. Although after reading I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, home invasion is also up there! *shudder* Mmm what else? 🤔 That I don’t have as much potential/am not as smart as people keep telling me I have/am, and will never make it to my GCSE exams let alone pass them? That I’ll die having never having been in love. That I’ll get dementia and forget who the people I love are. That’s a big one. Ugh. Fear sucks.

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    1. It does, doesn’t it? Ugh, dementia I agree with that one too. You are as smart and wonderful as people think you are though, I can assure you of that. We never believe our loved ones hype, do we? It’s time to stop believing in fear and only believe in a world where anything’s possible. Easier said than done but we can try. I’m going to try 💞

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  2. Actually when I read your list, I do have some of these too. Glad in a way it’s not just me. I have had the dream about arriving at work with no clothes on a few times. Really not sure what that says about me…thats scary in itself!

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    1. Haha. It’s such a horrible dream, isn’t it? So real. I do often wonder what it actually means but I take it as general anxiety and maybe a feeling of helplessness? Thanks for commenting, it is comforting to know that I’m not the only one with these worries and fears x


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