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One of the teachings of witch school is to find everyday rituals that strengthen the mind, body and soul. There are many suggestions but the bottom line is there are no solid rules. One of the reasons I’m falling in love with Wicca is that it all seems to be open to your own interpretation. You find what works for you and run with it, there are no wrong answers, as long as you’re abiding by the basics: e.g. intent is everything and the things you do will come back on you threefold, good or bad.

I know I’m just doing a basic course but I’m committed to the whole shebang, the real learning starts here and now – and I’m really doing it. I might do the next course up and continue with the interesting diplomas but the work (and the proof) is in the pudding.

Today’s post, however, is brought to you by the letter ‘G’ – for gratitude. One of the practices suggested to strength your spirit is the gratitude journal. This sounds easy enough, just slap down all the things you’re thankful for and go. But I actually think it requires more thinking than that. Life moves really fast and we take so much of it for granted – I think the purpose of this exercise is to slow us down a bit, make us really see all the things we have.

I thought I’d start today with a cheeky bit of the good stuff. I’ve broken it down into three sections.

Today I am thankful for:

10 things big or small

  1. My husband and a hot cup of tea waiting for me every morning except weekends, when it’s my turn
  2. This morning’s walk to work – the perfect Autumn morning: crisp, bright, delicious
  3. Dogs
  4. Taking the perfect selfie because Fall light is so much more flattering to an Autumn girl
  5. My colouring app
  6. My altar – I’m only just building it up and making it mine but it is so pretty and I can’t stop stroking it when I walk past
  7. The gerbils – so damn cute!
  8. My gravity defying butt – I walked past my reflection in an office window this morning and BOOM! It’s a lot but it’s mine
  9. Being cosy – it’s blanket season, yo!
  10. Starting a new book – I haven’t decided what to read next but it’s exciting all the same

People I’m thankful for

  • Glynn is genuinely the best person I’ve ever met – a total dufus but kind, thoughtful and almost unswervingly patient
  • My mother – it doesn’t matter where we are, I always feel as though we are in tune somehow
  • My friend Helen – she just gets it and me – and I never feel I have to play my moods down for her
  • Matt – horror movie buds are rare and precious
  • Jillian – you know it, giiiiirl. I’m so blessed to have you and I’m grateful every day that this blog has brought us together
  • You! If you read this and take the time to comment or like my posts, then I’m thankful for you

The Best Part of my Day

The best part of my day is always taking my clothes off and getting into bed. That moment of just about falling asleep is gorgeous, especially with the window open a smidge and a cool breeze gently tickling my naked behind. Being nude is the best. Oh, and having Glynn’s hand on me.

So know I want to know – what are you grateful for today?

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  1. I’m grateful to be starting college today. I’m grateful for awesome friends who are there for me through thick and thin. And I’m grateful for having reading material whilst I eat my lunch solo today. So thanks for that Christa!


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