Autumn is so close I can smell it. We’re just over a week away from September and as far as I’m concerned, that means it’s getting nearer every day.

Every year I blog the same thing, about what Autumn means to me – how I love to mooch around in the crisp Fall light, crunching golden leaves underfoot. How I love boots, tights and sweaters. Pumpkin Spice lattes. It’s my time, my new beginning.

In the Autumn I shed my skin like a snake, slither out from beneath my Summer grump – a new born, zen-like russet angel. I romanticise this time of year of course, I am still the same grouchy me with the same worries but everything feels better bathed in the light of a crisp Fall afternoon. You know I won’t even mind if we get an Indian Summer, those are almost as good as the true Autumn days – as long as they are light and not too hot. I’m not doing the heatwave again.

Anyway, I’m feeling extra inspired and creative at the moment. I’m a bit high off my Wiccan study days. I’ve also been reading more and have a big pile of books to read now the temperatures have turned. I’ve got a list of modern Wiccan books in mind for pay day next week and I can’t wait to get stuck into those.

I’ve also taken to ASOS to start curating the ideal Autumn outfit board. It’s no coincidence I see myself wafting around in floral midi dresses and boots for the rest of the year. I can always add more layers when it gets colder. I’m looking at witch-ifyng my wardrobe to suit my mood. She says; we all know I’ll remain in dungarees and t-shirts to the end.

I’m stoked about the weekend, excited for the temperature to drop and I’m feeling pumped creatively. This weekend I plan to do a bit of tidying, set up my altar, do some more study and maybe even look into covens in the Brighton area.

Life is hard man and confusing but it’s also beautiful and hopeful and I’m hanging on to this feeling for as long as I can.

What are you up to?

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