It is a mistake to fancy that horror is associated inextricably with darkness, silence and solitude. ~ H.P. Lovecraft

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Ever since I read this article, I’ve been thinking about adult friendships. I’m lucky to have a selection of people I can make plans with when I want to (and who understand when I don’t) – but I realise it isn’t always easy to make new friends or meet people who are into the same things as us.

Ages ago my friend Matt ventured the idea of signing up to the Meetup app and setting up our own horror club because he’d noticed there was a gap in the market in Brighton. We never got around to it because procrastination and Christmas won out but now I’m thinking we should try it again. Why can’t we combine our love of horror with meeting new people?

So I’m going to start looking into the feasibility of doing it. It will be like a book club but with horror movies. I’m thinking we’ll set homework two weeks before each monthly meet and then discuss it in a group in the pub. There are no hard plans. As you might be painfully aware, I’m not a details orientated person unless it comes to writing. I’m happy for it to start light and loose, and evolve into something more solid depending on the response.

I think it sounds cool though. What I am conscious of is that I’m a big follower of several meetup groups on Facebook and so far I’ve been too anxious to attend any of them on my own. So I should probably start being braver about doing those too. I don’t want to be a nervous host at my own meetup!

If you’re part of something similar, a book club, etc – what do you like/dislike about it? What would you like to see? If you’re in Brighton, would you join my club?


  1. Firstly, I feel much the same about the meetup groups. I want to do one. Several writing ones have been suggested to me, but as yet I’ve not been brave enough. Though I do recall that’s how we met Mrs Bass. Through Becki yes, but also because we both attended that writing group at the Earth and Stars pub. So it stands to reason we’d just meet more awesome people like us right? Secondly, I was once a member of a book club – what did I like/dislike about it? I liked the getting together and chatting about the book. I disliked feeling like I HAD to read some truly awful books. Life’s too short for bad books. Amirite? So maybe as long as you had a disclaimer that said “if the film of choice isn’t for you, there’s no obligation to watch it/see it through etc”? And you can still come to the meet up and join in with the chat that will inevitably descend into other films/topics? Third, PLEASE can I join your club?


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