As I type this, I realise this will inadvertently contain *spoilers* for Endgame. So if you’re not up to date, maybe skip this. I don’t want Tom Holland to come to my house and scold me for ruining it for everybody. Uh, actually…

Jks. But yeah, *Minor spoilers*

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019), Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.

Tom HollandSamuel L. JacksonJake Gyllenhaal

I don’t really know if I have much to say about this one. I enjoyed it a lot but agree with my husband that it feels too soon to be dipping back into the MCU. There’s a poignancy to it due to the events of Endgame but that was only a couple of months ago. Maybe giving it six months, a year would have worked better.

That said, I don’t really care that much. I jumped at going to see this on opening night because I love Spider-Man perhaps the best of all the Avengers. And Tom Holland more. Also, Jake Gyllenhaal has joined the team and how magical is that?

Far From Home wasn’t disappointing in any way – it was heart-warming and sweet, with all the time we spent with Peter and his pals being the best and most fun. So fun in fact, against the backdrop of a handful of European landmarks, that I was almost annoyed to be torn away for the elemental/Mysterio action. Give me two hours of Ned (Jacob Batalon), Peter and MJ (Zendaya) just walking around cities bouncing off one another and I’d be perfectly happy.

In case you’ve not seen the trailer: Peter is off on a European school trip with his friends and it’s come at the best time, as he’s feeling the pressure of being Spider-Man. He’s missing his mentor and the everyday rigmarole of being your local neighbourhood hero is getting to him. All he wants is the Summer off and who deserves it more, frankly.

When Happy (Jon Favreau) passes on Tony Stark’s parting gift to Peter, it soon becomes clear that his wish for less pressure is a pipe dream. The message within suggests he’s being shaped to become the new Iron Man. But is he ready?

Ready or not, he’s forced to take some action when he meets Quentin Beck, a mysterious hero from a parallel universe. Nicknamed Mysterio by the kids (by way of the Italian news media), Beck has come to fight the monsters he calls Elementals – you know the drill: Fire, Ice, Air and Earth. Mysterio seems like perfect Avengers material when you figure Nick Fury (Jackson) doesn’t actually have any on his books at the moment, so it looks like he’s along for the ride. Could he be the replacement mentor Peter’s looking for?

While I love the low-key moments, some of the more fantastical sequences really make the film – and you’ll know what I mean when you see them for yourself. I’m not going in on Mysterio/Quentin Beck (Gyllenhaal) and what he’s all about because I had that spoilered when the boys in the office were talking about his origins in the comic books. It’s an interesting premise though and I’m into it.

That’s about it. The MJ/Peter Parker will they/won’t they story-line is adorable and I really like the concept of a 16-year-old (23 IRL, thank God) wanting to be just a normal 16-year-old boy for one summer. As with Homecoming, Far From Home rocks some amazing supporting characters in the form of Flash Thompson (Tony Revolori), Betty (Angourie Rice) and teachers, Mr Harrington and Mr Dell (Martin Starr and J.B. Smoove, respectively).

Massive shout out to Marisa Tomei‘s May Parker too. What a warm, charismatic and supportive woman. I LOVE her surprise romantic interest more than cocoa puffs. I can’t wait to see what happens next and judging from the first post-credit scene. it’s going to be epic.

Film details:

Spider-Man: Far From Home
Year: 2019
Director: Jon Watts
IMDB Rating: 8.2/10
My Rating: 4.5/5

What are you watching?

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