I really wanted to share this local resource because it’s so important. I don’t need to add anything else, Home Safe Brighton’s manifesto speaks for itself:


There have been far too many incidents of assault in Brighton recently, but as most of us know it’s always been happening. It’s now to the point where women and the LGBTQIA+ community in particular are scared to leave the house alone. EVERYONE deserves the basic right to feel safe in our own city. It’s not always an option to get a taxi home, or to walk with someone – so here is our solution to connect people with options, resources and support.

Worried about walking home on a Saturday night? Can’t afford a cab and wish someone could walk with you? Come find us!

A bunch of us will be standing down by Old Steine with signs to help you get home. Whether that’s calling you a cab, helping you find your friends or two of us walking you to your door and listening to you about your night – we’re here to help. This is our first buddy-up night and it is designed to get vulnerable people home safe in the St. James Street and surrounding area, so you don’t feel that you have no option than to walk alone in the dark, fearing for your safety just to get home.

Everyone has a right to go out, have fun and get home safe. No matter what time.

Home Safe Brighton is a community response to a much wider issue, and we are working closely with local authorities and organisations to ensure improvements in safeguarding our city.

Join the Home Safe Brighton Facebook group and be a part of of something wonderful.


The Home Safe Brighton Facebook page is a closed group. If you would like to join, be aware of a few introductory notes:

  • This Saturday night (29th June 20199) we’ll be operating a buddy system focussed around the Pavilion Gardens/Old Steine/St James Street areas. We will be patrolling these areas in pairs so do look out for us or post in this group if you’re walking home alone or feel unsafe in any way. If this gets enough interest we aim to operate it every weekend and be able to expand the areas covered. If you’d like to become a buddy, please message us or email hello@clapbackclub.co.uk.
  • This groups primary objective is safety. So please use it for any means of support; if you’re looking for someone to walk home with, if you’re available to walk people home, if you have any experiences/resources to share that will be useful to the wider community.
  • We should not have to look over their shoulder walking around our city, and we are working closely with the relevant authorities and organisations to improve safeguarding. But for now it’s important to remember that there is a lot of love and support in our community and that is powerful. We hope for this group to reflect that!
  • This is a closed group and we are monitoring all members to ensure every one’s safety and privacy. Nothing said in this group will be shared outside of it and should anyone feel this being compromised the admins will deal with it immediately.

Please be safe out there. Be mindful of getting yourself and friends home safe – and share the Facebook page if you can.

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