Free Activities July

I’ve grossly overspent this month so have already put myself on the back foot come pay day. I know I have a shopping addiction but I have tried really hard to curb that by sending most of it back and just not looking at my favourite websites. But life is expensive and I also live in one of the most pricey cities in the UK so spare cash is sometimes a bit of a joke.

Instead of crying about it though I’ve decided to challenge myself to Free Activities July to try and keep my head up. I can’t be sipping cocktails in the hottest bar this month, it’s fabulous of course but hugely irresponsible. (Lol at the idea that I do this regularly anyway).

If any of my local friends read this, I’d love to see you but we’ll have to do something free or incredibly thrifty. I’m thinking long heart to hearts in the park or on the beach, dinners at each other’s houses and soda water in beer gardens.

I’m also going to spend as much time as I can on creative endeavours – lots of blogging and podcasting, lots of dreaming – and also I’ve just about to embark on an exciting new project/course which I am really keen to start sharing with you guys. It’s something that has always interested me and now I get to study it in a bit more depth.

I really feel I need ‘something more’ at the moment so the timing of this course is perfect.

So yes, expect a lot of activity around these parts as I stay in a lot or do more creative things with my time and energy. Being all boujee is not an option. If you know me though you’ll know that I’m actually not-so-secretly pleased about staying in more. Like I need an excuse.

How’s your July looking?