Top Five: Podcasts

I’ve decided to start a new Top Five series to encapsulate a handful of things I like (and dislike) at a time. Also because I’m very lazy and this is a foolproof way to structure content without busting a nut.

I’m a massive fan of the podcast medium as I’ve mentioned countless times before. I even produce and co-host my own (below). These are the five currently on rotation.

Oh, and I’m a creature of comfort ultimately so you’ve probably read mention of some of these before. Sue me.

Evolution of Horror

TEOH is responsible for my ever increasing horror watch list – and for freaking me out more than once while I’ve been listening on my own in the darkness. I’ve talked about it previously in my Spooky Podcasts post.

This is my most listened to podcast for several reasons. First, the content is perfection. Exploring the history of horror movies in sub-genres, so far we’ve explored Ghosts, Slashers, Folk Horror and Zombies (my least favourite but still entertaining). The next category has just been announced and it’s the Occult – which I can’t wait to dip in.

Secondly, host Mike Muncer is adorable. Given the fact he covers some truly horrifying films, there’s something quite wholesome about him and I love it. He is a great presenter who is always engaged in the topics covered and knows how to bring out the best in his guests. Horror geeks are my favourite which is another reason I’ll always be listening – I can talk to my friend Matt about it in great detail after each episode.

Best recent episodes:

Shag Married Annoyed

The only non-horror podcast on the list. Comedian Chris Ramsey and his wife Rosie talk about their everyday lives and list the beef they have with each other every week. While the comedy is a bit broader than I normally enjoy (ooooh snob!), both hosts are likeable – and it’s nice to have something fun and normal to listen to in between all the murder and crime.

Rosie is the stand out for me. Her laugh cracks me up.

Best recent episodes:

Say It Five Times Horror Podcast

Call me biased – because I totally am. I’ve included this because it’s the newish podcast I record with my friends, Matt and Sam. We’re only three episodes old but I’m having a blast.

So far we’ve had a few technical difficulties which has meant we got off to a slow start but we’ve found a way to make it work – and I think you can tell there’s a dramatic difference between our first and latest episode, in sound quality and the way we’ve relaxed into each other as co-presenters.

On SIFT, Matt and I talk about the horror films we love and try to ‘educate’ Sam, the horror novice. Each week we take a turn picking the movie – and of course my first choice was the movie that inspired the name – the wonderful Candyman.

Best recent episodes:

The Boo Crew

This has some really cool interviews on it – and I’ve enjoyed every one of the episodes I’ve listened to so far. I gave it a mention in my recent book post and have been rinsing it ever since. The actual BC consists of horror-loving friends Trevor, Lauren, Leone, Austin – and a revolving door of reoccurring guest presenters.

The Crew talk about horror movies and bring on some of the best talent in the movie industry including, most recently, Juliette Lewis to talk about her extensive movie CV and Pet Sematary directors, Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kölsch.

It’s an excellent soundtrack to walk to and from work to. Trust me.

Best recent episodes:

Double Murder Podcast

I’m really new to Double Murder and have hardly listened to any of it yet – but that’s okay. It’s already charmed me with it’s Remake Vs Original selection – and talks about lots of the films I really love.

I feel like it’s going to become a constant companion to The Evolution of Horror into the Summer when I’m walking around more. Proving spooky isn’t just for Halloween…

Episodes I’m most looking forward to:

What are you listening to?