…So I really should join the library

Ugh there are so many books I want to read at the moment. I want them all and I really shouldn’t be buying any more books – in fact, I shouldn’t really buy new books at all. Except I want to support my local booksellers where I can, and I can’t walk past Waterstones without adding another title to the list.

Here’s what I have my eye on at the moment:

Red Snow by Will Dean

This is the second book in the Tuva Moodyson series and is the sequel to the brilliantly atmospheric Dark Pines. Tuva is a reporter for a local Swedish newspaper who just happens to be deaf. In this installment, she must investigate two deaths – one suicide, one cold-blooded murder. Are they connected?

I think I’d save this one for the colder months or a rainy weekend but it sounds great and I love the way Tuva is written.

The Ghost Photographer by Julie Rieger

I recently started listening to The Boo Crew podcast and in one of the first episodes I heard, they interview Julie, who seems pretty cool. I mean she’s cool anyway as a senior exec at one of the biggest movie studios in Hollywood – but throw in the fact she can see ghosts and entities in the photographs she takes – well, who could be cooler?

The book goes in on the trauma that led Julie to discovering this gift and honestly, I can’t wait to dip in. Even though paranormal activity is the one thing that truly, truly petrifies me – it’s also so fascinating.

The Bus on Thursday by Shirley Barrett

This book centers around Australian Eleanor Mellett, a woman with breast cancer who moves to a creepy small town to take a job as a primary school teacher. Living along in a remote cabin with no internet connection or phone line, our protagonist wonders what happened to the previous teacher she’s filling in for, why there are so many locks on the door and who the fuck is knocking it late at night.

Compared to Henry James’ Turn of the Screw and a little known author named Stephen King, it sounds right up my street.

The Corset by Laura Purcell

I read Purcell’s The Silent Companions not long ago and loved it. It genuinely chilled me to the bone in some places and I found it really refreshing. The Corset offers more Gothic goodness with this tale of two women who couldn’t be more different.

Dorothea Truelove is young, hot and rich while Ruth Butterham is young, poor and on trial for murder. When Dot volunteers at the prison, she finds herself drawn to Ruth. But Ruth harbors a dark secret and when she reveals it to her new friend – the women’s lives are entwined forever. Is Ruth a liar or is she a mad, bad murderer as she’s already confessed to be?

Normal People by Sally Rooney

I flipping loved Conversations with Friends so I’m stoked that NP is now out in paperback.

I actually don’t really mind what this story is about because I feel Rooney could make me fall in love with anything just so long as she was writing it – but this is a story about love and friendship that strikes up between popular Connell and loner Marianne, two very different people who just can’t seem to stay away from each other.

Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground by Michael Moynihan & Didrik Soderlind 

I recently watched and fell in love with the Lords of Chaos movie, starring Rory Culkin which surprises me a lot. I mean, I didn’t think Norwegian Black Metal would be up there on my list of Stuff I Dig but here we are.

I have since grown truly obsessed with the rise of this music genre – and the horrific murder (and lead up to it) of Mayhem front-man Euronymous, at the hands of Kristian ‘Varg’ Vikernes. Honestly, it seems the BM scene was the bitchiest place on earth and I’ve been in some of my own in my time. True crime and men in tight black jeans are my jam, yo.

The Girl Before You by Nicola Rayner

I’m including this because a) it sounds like a banger and b) it was written by my friend’s sister-in-law. Which is so cool. Compared as these thrillers typically are to The Girl on the Train, TGBY focusses on the relationship between Alice and her MP husband, George.

Alice has always had a thing about the women who came before her – and George’s rep as a womaniser certainly precedes him. But when she falls pregnant, her unease turns to obsession – in particular, she can’t get one woman from his past out of her head: Ruth.

Ruth went missing when she and George were first year students at university and was never found. When Alice sees a woman who looks just like the mysterious Ruth, she starts to think there’s more to the story that her husband is telling her…

Cannot. Wait.

What are you reading?

8 thoughts on “Books I Want to Read But Can’t Afford to Buy…

  1. I’m currently reading I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, which I’m pretty sure Goodreads told me you’d read. OMFG I love it so much. I knew I would but gah it’s such a love letter to true crime, and I’m just in love with Michelle, and I’m so sad she died before they caught the fucker. I have a lot of feels as you can tell. What has followed Cujo for you?

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    1. Kath! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted Cujo to you yet, I’ll do it over the next couple of days. I loved I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, how genuinely terrifying is it?! I struggle with the fear of home invasion and that did not help. It’s so wonderfully written and Michelle was a dream ❤️. I’m reading the first Game of Thrones book actually, which I’m really enjoying so far. Enjoy the rest of that book darling and thanks for sharing what you’re reading, I love to know xoxo

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      1. Oh don’t worry about Cujo. I’m honestly in no hurry. I have another book I borrowed from a friend to read after I’m done with the EAR-ONS! But yes it’s absolutely terrifying. I’ve started closing my window at night, just the thought of someone forcing their way in is super scary! I recently bought the next 4 GOT books from a charity shop (as I read the first one AGES ago and wanted to carry on), so if you need to carry on reading and don’t have the others we could always do an exchange! Save a bit of money! Start our own lending library! 😂

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      2. That’s a brilliant idea I have hundreds of books all over the flat that need a good home, let’s do that. And yes please re: GOT. I’m just loving revisiting some of my favourite characters before it all went horribly wrong! xoxo

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      3. I actually never watched the show as I couldn’t get on board with the characters not being as I pictured them in my head. So I’ve been avoiding spoilers for years. But I guess we’ll have to see if Mr Martin ends the books the same way as he ended the series…

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