Welcome to my new series of cool things I have recently found/seen/read on the internet. I don’t suppose we need anymore introduction than that, do we?

Here are my current Cool Things.

This Selfie

This 1996 Gillian Anderson, Jamie Lee Curtis and Jodie Foster selfie gives me LIFE.

(Via Twitter)

This Website

#womensart is something I stumbled upon by happy accident, again on Twitter. It showcases art across the globe made by women. It’s usually culturally conscious, is always fascinating and is probably my most retweeted page. There’s a WordPress site too which goes into more detail about the art.

Here are a couple of my favourite recent pieces:

”No to sexual harassment” by Egyptian street artist Mira Shihadeh
“Frida – Be The Flame Not The Moth” by contemporary UK mosaic artist Susan Elliott
Nomad Patterns by Chilean artist Livia Marin
For her project “Within 15 Minutes“, artist Alma Haser made identical jigsaw puzzles out of portraits she’d taken of identical twins and then swapped every other piece when putting them together, creating fragmented portraits

This Trailer

Hands down my most anticipated film of 2019. That use of music! Lupita Nyong’o! Winston Duke! Literally anything Jordan Peele has to offer!

I can’t hardly wait. Cancel all my calls until 22 March.

This Show

Last Autumn I posted about how must I adored Netflix’ The Haunting of Hill House. It was so brilliant. And while I have to admit to being dubious about a second season, this article on Game Radar makes me feel hopeful that they’ll take it in a different, just as good direction.

I’m a big fan of Mike Flanagan and I’m stoked he’s still attached. Bring it on, I say. (I’m also curious about his 2019 The Shining sequel, Doctor Sleep).

What have you been looking at on the internet?*

*Keep it clean. Please

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