Day: February 12, 2019


Smear Campaign

TW: Vaginas and speculums, oh my! I’ve seen a couple of people I follow on social media talking about this and I wanted to get involved. So today, friends, we’re talking about smear tests. As you’re aware I said goodbye to my thirties a while back. I’m now 41 and therefore so together in life that you can be sure I’m completely on top … Read More Smear Campaign


Velvet Buzzsaw

Velvet Buzzsaw (2019) *Minor spoilers* This is a film I really wanted to love based on its cast and premise. Unfortunately it doesn’t work quite as well as it could. Set in the pretentious and fickle world of art, it centers around a gallery – Haze – run by former punk-rocker, Rhodora Haze (Rene Russo). One evening, lauded art critic Morf Vandewalt (Jake Gyllenhaal) … Read More Velvet Buzzsaw