Day: February 10, 2019


Support the Girls

Feminist February continues with this Regina Hall-led movie about a Hooters-style sports bar and it’s staff and customers. Sounds pretty good, huh? Support the Girls (2018) Lisa (Hall) is general manager of a breastaurant called Double Whammies. Over the course of one patience-testing day, her eternal optimism’s challenged to the max. Den mother to a collection of eccentric characters, including vivacious Maci (Haley Lu … Read More Support the Girls


Green Book

Green Book (2018) While there aren’t really many surprises here, certainly in terms of structure (we’ve all seen this narrative before: two very different people are thrown together and gradually, against all odds, become firm friends). I don’t care about that if it’s done well and boy is this done well. You get the impression, and I’ve read a few things to this effect, … Read More Green Book