Obvious Child (Film) Review

The final installment in our Films about How Fucking Hard It Is to be an Adult series and this is a good one to go out on, I feel. It’s pretty topical too when you consider all the Repeal the 8th stuff going on right now (it’s obviously been ongoing). I’ve seen this before a… Read More

Guest Post: Sausage Party: A Wiener of a Movie

I’m delighted to resume my She’s All That series with this from my very own sister-in-law. Not only is she the sister I always wanted, Madeleine is one of the most interesting, go-getting people I know, currently making her own film as part of her Masters (and it’s not her first, either) and co-founder of… Read More

Tallulah (Film) Review

Movie three in our Films about Fuck Ups series (although we’ve talked about how that might be problematic, see previous disclaimer), and I’m going straight in this week with little introduction. Mainly because I’m PMSing and Jess just left Rory in Gilmore Girls and I have half an eye on that as I type this. Sue… Read More

Self Promotion, Yo

Good morning! This might not be the official home of All Out of Bubblegum, however, it is my blog and I’ll self-promote if I want to. I’m so stoked to share the first ever episode – the smancy sounding “Pilot” – below. Sure, we have a ways to go in terms of some of the… Read More

Adult World (Film) Review

No preamble this time. You know this month’s theme, though it looks like it’s heading into ‘Unintentional Cusack Sibling’ territory, which isn’t such a bad thing. *Spoilers ahead* Adult World (2013) Director: Scott Coffey Stars: Emma Roberts, John Cusack, Evan Peters IMDB Synopsis: Amy, a naive college graduate who believes she’s destined to be a great poet, begrudgingly… Read More

All Out of Bubblegum Podcast: Coming Soon!

So, I had the best day yesterday and could barely sleep last night because of my excitement! I’m talking podcast, of course (and might be talking about it a lot for the foreseeable future, so sue me). Anyway, yesterday afternoon we got the pilot episode down – and then some. Turns out the opposite of what I… Read More

Welcome to Me (Film) Review

Jill and I hashed out our new theme via Google Hangouts the other evening, whilst we were moaning about our busy weeks. “Films with Colours in the Title” was one of mine (it might come back one day, don’t worry), though I couldn’t think of much beyond Black Hawn Down to reinforce my case. (As… Read More