The Foxy Merkins (Film) Review

Jillian’s pick this week and the next thrilling instalment in our Big Fat Gay Blog Collaboration 2015. If I’m honest I don’t really want to go back to hetero programming if I can help it. I don’t want to see James Marsden kissing girls ever again, if it can be Margaret instead (read on) or, indeed any… Read More

Boy Meets Girl (Film) Review

Another week, another Netflix gem and this time it’s a movie that’s been gathering dust on My List  for some time. I think I subconsciously saved this film for a reason and that reason is our LGBT stretch of movies, which have swung from foreign to American (and may well swing back, who knows). This… Read More

The Way He Looks (Film) Review

Foreign cinema again but this time with a LGBT vibe, which I think might be the direction our next films will be taking. Netflix has quite a few interesting offerings in this genre so who knows, the world is our oyster! This film is Brazilian with subtitles in Portuguese – Jillian’s pick. *Beware spoilers* The Way… Read More

Finally Validated

Imagine if all women were talked about the way Jennifer Aniston was on her wedding day: “Today – on the day nobody thought would ever arrive – someone has finally put Christa out of her misery. After what seems like a lifetime of disappointment, our unlucky-in-love redhead shows *insert name of most significant ex here* just… Read More

Wetlands (Film) Review

After a week’s break, Jillian and I are back with a bang. A finger bang if you will. I should say here if you don’t want to hear sexual talk from me then you should probably skip this post altogether as it’s going to be very hard not to sound crude whilst reviewing a very… Read More

Holiday Fuck Yeah!

If anybody needs me next week, I will mostly be doing these things: First and foremost, I will be sleeping in. Or if not sleeping in late then at least turning off the alarm and waking up naturally. Which will no doubt mean I’ll be eating cereal in front of Netflix by 8 but with… Read More